The Seattle VR hackathon focuses on the rapidly evolving technology of Virtual Reality and its many relatives - augmented reality, mixed reality, and novel interface technologies like gestures and haptics.

The VR hackathon isn't just about technology, however - it's about content creation, design, and problem solving. If you have skills or interest in 3D modelling, film, graphics, education, sound design, game design, or any problem domain where VR might be relevant, a VR hackathon will be an event you'll enjoy and learn from.

This Devpost group provides a platform for where you and your team can share the projects you made at the Seattle VR Hackathon! This will be a great way for you to get your project out there on the Interweb, and stay connected with fellow hackathon participants. 

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$2,000 in prizes

Global Health Challenge

We partnered up with Booz Allen Hamilton and the PATH Foundation to create a prize category that focuses on education around malaria, the mosquito-borne disease.

Best 360 Film VR Experience

Best VR Experience - Sound

Best VR Experience - Graphics

Best VR Experience - Interaction

Best Use of New Technology

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Even though it says "hacking" in the name, the hackathon is open to the whole VR community. We welcome developers, artists, industry professionals, researchers, film-makers, psychologists, sound designers, game designers, and general enthusiasts.



What you'll need:

1. Team Name

2. Title of Hackathon Project 

3. Goals for the VR Hackathon | What goals did you and your team have going in to this hackathon?

4. Description of project | What was the inspiration? What does it do? 

5. Learning outcomes from hackathon 

6. YouTube link to demo video of your project/Photos of your project (optional)

7. Long-term goals of your project (optional) (Is your team going to continue working on this project? What direction are you going to take?)

8. What technologies/hardware/software did your team use?

9. Any links to your Linkedin/Twitter/social media accounts/website


Nirav Desai

Nirav Desai
Chief Technologist | Booz Allen Hamilton

Shawn Whiting

Shawn Whiting
Mad Scientist | Pluto VR

Lisa Weeks

Lisa Weeks
Brand Engagemancer | Wimmer Solutions

Daniel Rasmus

Daniel Rasmus
Founder | Serious Insights

Tom Furness

Tom Furness
VR Pioneer/Professor/Founder of Virtual World Society

Steven Schardt

Steven Schardt

Brad Hawkins

Brad Hawkins
Composer and Sound Designer

Todd Hooper

Todd Hooper

Juan Sanchez

Juan Sanchez
Video Producer | Rena Ware International

Judging Criteria

  • Global Health Challenge
  • Best 360 Film VR Experience
  • Best VR Experience - Sound
  • Best VR Experience - Graphics
  • Best VR Experience - Interaction
  • Best Use of New Technology

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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